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January–March 2018

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Welcome to The Monday Club

The Monday Club is a social group based in Leicester for adults aged 18 to 65 who have Asperger Syndrome.  The Club is based at the Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living, and members meet on Monday evenings from 7pm to 9pm.  We also run sessions on alternate Wednesday evenings.

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Survey on Repeat Prescription Service

West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group is undertaking a review of repeat prescription processes, to understand if there are ways they can be improved for patients, pharmacies and practices.

Patients who regularly request repeat medicines via their GP, pharmacist or another service are being invited to answer a short survey about how they manage their repeat prescriptions and how well they think the process works for them.  The feedback from the survey will be used to determine if improvements can be made and how any potential changes might impact patients.

It's hoped the improvements identified can also help to reduce levels of wasted medicine, as some patients report ending up with more medicines than they need being stored at home, which can be frustrating for patients and wasteful for the NHS.

In Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland medicines waste is estimated to be in the region of over £2 million per year and West Leicestershire CCG is keen to find out if it can reduce its share of this by asking how people order their repeat prescriptions.

The results will help the CCG to build an understanding of how patients currently use the repeat prescription processes available to them and how any future changes might impact them.

Any patient or carer who orders repeat prescriptions is encouraged to complete the survey and let us know about your experiences.  The survey is open until 25 February.

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Antibiotic Awareness

NHS Leicester is supporting Public Health England's campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of overusing antibiotics.


Donations Requested

As a result of the Government's austerity programme, we have lost 50% of our funding.  If we cannot find funds, we may be forced to close the Club.  Therefore, we are looking for donations to enable us to continue to provide this valuable service to our members.


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To contact us please call 07873 311610 or email us at
or write to us at:
Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living
West End Neighbourhood Centre
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